Cemetery Register

This search tool gives information on burials in churchyards and private burial grounds around Hutt City. It does not include the majority of burials at Taita Cemetery (new section). Those burials can be searched


Location maps for most cemeteries are available here.

Accuracy of records

Information on Burials in this database has been compiled from a number of sources by HCC staff and volunteers from the New Zealand Society of Genealogists.

While we have endeavoured to give the best information available, it may not be complete or accurate. Sometimes the details may be inconsistent. For example, a person may be known by a surname, first name, cultural name or nickname other than their official given name. Early records may have only minimal details, and can also be in handwriting difficult to decipher. This means that we cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information and as such we accept no liability for any limitation in expected outcome the user may experience as a result.

If the details are not correct or you would like to update our records, please use the link provided on the record concerned (top left corner) to contact us.