Building Information Search

The building information search allows you to access building consent and building permit documentation.

A Land Information Memorandum can be obtained in as little as 5 working days from the Council (conditions apply). A LIM includes weathertight home, hazards, flooding, geotechnical and resource consent information, and can be relied upon for property purchase decisions. Find out more.

NEW Resource Consent documents are now available online. These have the code RM followed by a six-digit number.

For best results enter the house/property number only due to variations in the way flats or units are recorded,
e.g. 123 Smith Street not Flat 2 123 Smith Street.

Where streets cross suburb boundaries or are duplicated in different areas the suburb name has been added to the street name in the street name list.


Hutt City Council provides access here to some of the building documentation held on record for its own use. This documentation includes information created by Council as well as information provided to Council by third parties.

Council cannot guarantee the completeness, accuracy, quality, currency or reliability of this information and accepts no responsibility or liability for any damage, injury, or loss in value to any person, property, service or otherwise resulting from relying on the information provided through this search.

This information is provided as a public service in good faith.